Canned Heat

is an ultra effective pepper irritant solution designed to be dispersed as a liquid rather than as an aerosol. Delivered by the JPX or the Guardian Angel, it travels with high speed, not splattering all over, but sticking on its target.

Its most extreme heat effect caused by the high percentage of Capsaicinoides affect the eyes, causing them instantely to close. Due to its high density and way of application it causes very little cross contamination.
Ideal also for the use in office or other buildings.

Piexol500kS (under development)

Especially for this application Piexol500kS will be available soon. Diluted from pure Capsaicine to match 500'000 Scouville Heat Units in the final Piexol solution. Due to its absolute purity it is perfect clear and will therefore not leave color stains on walls and furniture nor on fabric.
As it is offered for the JPX4 only, the non visibility is not a major disadvantage, because with the firepower of the JPX4, visibility on a distance of 15 feet is not an issue.